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Not so long ago there was a huuuge scandal surrounding Barbara Palvin weight gain. Apparently, the young model has piled on some 10-15 pounds over a couple of months. Although I agree that this was a pretty rapid change, I think that the media and tabloids have blown things way out of proportion. Even with additional pounds the model remains fin and as to my opinion, incredibly beautiful. But let’s not jump to the conclusions right away. Let’s look at all the facts we know about Barbara Palvin weight gain, so you could form your own opinion.
First of all we have to raise the question whether she actually did or did not gain at least ten pounds. As you know, it is not uncommon for tabloids and bloggers to start screaming that one or another celebrity became “fat” (this statement is usually followed by the conclusion that “she is probably pregnant”), when she piles on a pound or is simply photographed from unflattering angle. As Barbara has not made any comments concerning her weight, I had to rely on the pictures I found online. I looked through tens of them and came to the conclusion that this time the talks about a model gaining some weight are not plucked out of the fin air. It seems that during a couple of months in 2012 Barbara did indeed pile on 10 pounds or so.

However, I cannot agree with those who claim that due to Barbara Palvin weight gain her body is no longer fit for modeling. If anything, I must say that these talks are absolutely ridiculous. In the beginning of her professional career Palvin was extremely skinny. In fact, she was so fin that one could have reasonably questioned her health. No that she has piled on a few more pounds she looks perfectly fit. And to those who say that her current weight is not appropriate for a model- I think that her modeling job, or to be more particular the contract with Victoria’s Secret, could be the reason why Barbara has decided to gain some more mass on the first place. As we all know, Victoria’s Secret does not hire models who look like skeletons. Instead, they chose curvy ladies who look really feminine. Thus it seems quite logical to think that Palvin was asked to put on some weight to look more like the other Angels.
There are some more reasons to claim that Barbara Palvin weight gain is a positive change that should not be regarded as the reason for criticism. By looking a bit curvier, the model is helping to encourage a healthy body image. Maybe her example will encourage teenage girls to believe that a woman does not have to be extremely skinny in order to be beautiful.

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