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So today we are going to talk about Ashley Rickards weight gain. I know that most women tend to gain and lose a few pounds over the years. Weight fluctuations are familiar for me too. And despite all this, the images that clearly evidence Ashley Rickards weight gain came a bit like a shock to me.
After all, Awkward is the series watched primarily by teenagers and normally, piling on pounds is not a way to earn their affection. Every young actress in the world knows this and this is why they usually work so hard to stay in shape. So I think both Rickards and the producers of the show were well aware of the fact that the unexplained transformation of the main character might frustrate the audience and decrease the ratings. So how come this have happened? Did the producers think that it will make Ashley’s character, Jenna, more convincing and more lovable? Or maybe this was more like an “accident”: Rickards gained weight unintentionally? These and other questions will be discussed in the following paragraphs.
At first, when it became evident that during the holidays between two seasons the actress has piled on quite a few pounds, part of the viewers assumed that this must be related to the plot. Some guessed that Jenna might be pregnant from one of her two lovers in the show, but as the time passed it became obvious that they were wrong.

Some internet commentators have also suggested that Jenna is gaining weight since her mother uses delicious meals as a way to compensate for what she did for Jenna: for writing a letter which made her social life very complicated. However, I doubt that Ashley Rickards weight gain was part of some plan developed by the producers. I think it is just when the young actress started to become really chubby producers had to do something to explain it for the audience, so they came up with this simple explanation that includes her mom.
Now here is one more way to explain why Ashley’s character started gaining weight. It is possible that the producers expected that this will make female viewers empathize with the character more. Although size-zero is still largely an ideal for teenage girls, teenagers who actually manage to meet this standard of beauty constitute a minority. Thus, it might have seemed reasonable to think that a few unnecessary pounds will bring Jenna closer to the real world. However, it was clear right from the start that majority of the show’s viewers do not approve of Jenna’s transformation and it continued nonetheless! So yes, I think it would be most logical to conclude that Ashley Rickards weight gain was rather accidental.

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