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So in this article we are going to talk about Amanda Righetti weight gain. I think the reason behind it is a secret for nobody: some time ago the actress gave birth to her child. Unlike many women, she did not use her pregnancy as an excuse to eat 6 rich meals followed by desserts per day, thus Amanda Righetti weight gain was not particularly dramatic. I think her transformation fell in line with doctors’ recommendations and those suggest that while carrying a baby an average woman (neither overweight, nor underweight), should gain some 25-35 pounds. As you might know, not every famous mom has managed to keep her weight under control as well as Amanda did. For example, model and actress Mila Jovovich has piled on 70 lbs, while Mariah Carrey gained even more. Of course, we must not forget that the singer was carrying twins. But even having this in mind it is safe to say that she added too many pounds.
Although Amanda Righetti weight gain was quite modest (as for a pregnant lady), it complicated her professional life nonetheless. As you know, at that time the actress was filming for television series The Mentalist and her character on this show was pretty skinny. In order to hide the fact that Amanda is pregnant, the producers of The Mentalist had to film around the baby bump.

If you look at the episodes, which were filmed around thee later months of Righetti’s pregnancy, you will notice it is only her character face and bust that appears in the screen. And even if Amanda is filmed full size, somebody or something stands between the camera and the actress to hide her belly. This period of shooting was not particularly easy for Righetti or the rest of the team. But I think both the actress and her colleagues did a pretty good job. A viewer who did not know about Amanda’s pregnancy beforehand stood no chance to learn this while watching The Mentalist.
Amanda’s baby, a boy, was born on January 2013. The father of the child is Jordan Allen, Amanda’s beloved husband and film producer. Now that the boy is already over one year old, Amanda is perfectly skinny once again. In fact she has regained her pre-pregnancy body in just 9 months after giving birth. The actress claims that it was not even that difficult for her, as she loves working out anyway: it helps her clear the head and release the stress. As far as I know, she hits the gym or goes for a jog almost every single day. If she continues to follow the same workout regiment, we won’t witness Amanda Righetti weight gain until she decides to have a second baby.

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