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During the last year or so Amanda Bynes weight gain was only one out of many reasons why this starlet was constantly in the centre of media attention. I wish I could say that this period has been extremely successful for her professionally and that’s why everyone kept writing about her. However, it could hardly be any further from true. The young starlet attracted popular attention due to erratic behavior, alcohol abuse, numerous encounters with law and public burst-outs. In fact, various tabloid journalists, bloggers and internet commentators have written about these scandals so many times, that you are probably already familiar with each detail in each of the stories. So instead of once again telling you what the starlet did to end up in a rehab, today we are going to talk about Amanda Bynes weight gain and how is it related to some of her psychological features.
First of all, you should know that Amanda has always been very conscious and insecure about her weight. Growing in a spotlight, the talented girl has felt a constant pressure to look good and did everything to meet the expectations of those who wanted to see her as a teenage diva. She bleached her hair, got a tan, tried to follow a strict diet and workout routine… I am saying that she tried, but not that she always did. As most of us, Bynes found it extremely difficult to convince herself to go to the gym every day and to stay away from yummy things (as a rule, those are usually extremely calorie rich).

Having in mind how often she cheated on her diet and workout schedule, it is not surprising that Amanda Bynes weight gain eventually became obvious for a naked eye. The audience has noticed it and did not take long to make some negative comments.
Maybe a person with high self-esteem would not even care about such criticism, but Amanda took it really deep into her heart. For a period in 2013 she seemed nearly obsessed with an idea of losing weight. Aiming to weight only 100 lbs, instead of ~130lbs, the actress started working out more often and at some points almost starved herself. Unfortunately, Amanda’s efforts did not bring the results she wanted, because she was not particularly consistent with her eating and exercising plan. The periods of self starvation were usually followed by periods of overeating and constant snacking. As you know, such instability could mess up anybody’s metabolism and it seems like this starlet did not have a fast metabolism to start with! As for the day, Amanda Bynes weight gain remains easy to notice. However, I would not dare calling her fat: she looks like an average healthy teenager.

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