Aishwarya Rai weight gain

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Although it has been almost two and a half year since she gave birth, Aishwarya Rai weight gain is still quite a popular topic. I guess the reason why her transformation still interests so many people is pretty simple: Aishwarya is a role model for women all over the world and especially in her homeland, India. So I think while publicly discussing her body and even fighting about it, when the opinions do not coincide, women feel like they are fighting for their own cases.
Those who justify Aishwarya Rai weight gain feel like they are defending their own right to gain weight and not to be criticized about it. Moreover, they are fighting for a healthier body image. Meanwhile those who criticize Aishwarya’s transformation feel like they are standing against unhealthy eating habits. It also might be true that they are trying to maintain beauty standards that that favor their own looks and in turn, gives them a relative advantage. Just think about it: if you were proud of your slim and fit body, and then somebody started something like a movement trying to convince the population that this is actually nothing to admire. Wouldn’t you feel the urge to oppose them?
Now here is why we are discussing these different opinions and motivations in an article about Aishwarya Rai weight gain: it seems like the Indian beauty is well aware of the fact that millions of women look up on her and that by expressing certain attitudes she is also taking a stand in this fight over female body image.

For example, when the journalists asked Aishwarya how she feels about her transformation, the actress used the chance and made a public statement that she never did, and never will endorse size-zero fashion. Moreover, an Indian idol added that it is completely normal not to regain pre-pregnancy body after giving birth. She noticed that what happened to her (referring to the loss of shape) happens to women all over the world and thus she is completely calm about it.
I think it is also important to mention that what “happens to women all over the world”, as they become mothers, is not only the change of figure, but also the change of attitude. When you have a child, he is the most important thing in the world for you and in turn, things like pounds around your waistline no longer matters that much. To be completely fair, we must also point out that there are reasons to think that Aishwarya Rai weight gain does bother her at least a little. For example, I keep noticing that the actress tries to hide her chubby cheeks behind the hair and wares wide dark closes, which hide her newly gained curves.

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aishwarya rai weight gain aishwarya rai weight gain

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