Adam Richman weight gain

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I guess that Adam Richman weight gain was not a surprise for anybody. Knowing what kind of job he had, it would have been surprising if he did not balloon up. If this transformation was avoidable, it only could have been done by hard training. And I am not talking about visiting a gym a couple of times a week and going for a jog once in a while. In order to burn all the calories he used to consume Adam would have had to work like an athlete!
Adam Richman weight gain was kind of expected not only by his audience, but also by the star himself. When Adam took up hosting television show Man vs. Food, he knew perfectly well that his physique is not going to remain the same. And did this prospect bother him? This is not the kind of question that could be answered in a few words. Adam was ok with the idea that his looks are probably going to deteriorate. He is not the kind of man that would worry about pounds like a sixteen years old girl. However, he was not so calm and confident when thinking about his health.
Richman was worried that overweight might affect his heart rate and joints, thus he planned to do to anything it takes to avoid these problems. Before the show even started he visited not only his doctor, but also a cardiologist, a lipidologist, a hematologist and so on.

Although Adam Richman weight gain was unavoidable, he expected that as long as he will be eating a healthy food off the set and exercising, his heart rate and blood work will be fine. Unfortunately for him, Adam seems to have overrated his willpower. Having a constant access to variety of delicious meals, he just couldn’t keep his hands off it. And even if he did, I hardly believe that by following a healthy diet on his free time the star could have avoided the transformation. A bowl of salad off set and a few hours per week exercising could not make up for all the unhealthy food he used to consume while filming the show.
It is difficult to speculate what could have happened if Richman did this and that. What we know for sure is that he did lose control over his body and gained a massive amount of weight. The star has admitted that in the end both XXL jackets and plain seats were a little too tight to him. Plus, he was feeling exhausted and sleepy most of the time. As for the day Adam Richman weight gain is already in the past. Seeing the effect that Food vs. Man had on his health, he ditched the show and regained control over his body.

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